Movable cubicles are often used as shipping containers that travel either by land or by sea. When they become out of service—that is when they outlive their average lifespan of 7-12 years—these shipping containers are being auctioned or bought in bulks by specialty contractors which are then either sold or rented to end users.

These containers are then re-purposed according to the owners plan. You’ll be amazed how these containers can turn into something visually appealing yet very functional and well-built.

The Revolution of Steel Containers

There seem to be no other use for these metal containers before. They were left to sit abandoned in the shipyards for many years until someone, somehow, made use of them as office spaces and inexpensive on-site lockers. Subsequently, they slowly gained attention from architects and creative people alike.

Movable CubiclesBecause of their certain versatility, steel containers are being re-designed and re-purposed by various artists, architects, and construction firms. Surprisingly these metal cubicles can turn into so many things such as the ones mentioned above and also dwelling places, commercial units, home extensions, portable cabins, and many other things that are usually four-walled.

Where to Get Movable Cubicles

The best place to look at for the availability of these steel containers is online. Each day, private specialty companies post their items for sale, rent, or auction either on their own website or on an online selling website like e-bay. In this case, it will be easier for people to compare prices and look for companies nearby that will offer them a good deal.

The only downside to this is if transactions are only done online. Remember, all items sold online, especially electronics, furniture and the likes should be physically inspected before settling payment.

The growing number of companies providing one-stop shop services for buying, renting, or re-purposing steel containers should give them the ease on choosing their containers.

Why Rent?

Renting should only be an option only if you don’t have anything else in mind to use the containers for, or don’t intend to use them for anything else. Here are the list of things you can use your rented movable cubicles for:

1.One-trip shipments.

If you intend to use the containers to ship packages across states, countries or overseas only once or twice (back and forth), then renting is the right option for you. However, you should be aware and should strictly adhere to the company’s policy on rentals to avoid paying extra.

Many specialty companies usually don’t allow overseas travel for rented containers because there is a high chance that these cubicles don’t get to be returned back.

2.Moving to another house

Movable cubicles make a good home mover companion. Their portability and flexibility enables home moving companies to easily adjust to their clients’ needs. Steel containers are easily attached to a ten wheeler truck—no matter what size it may be. It comes from various sizes as well so clients with many furniture and appliances won’t have to worry about over stuffing.

3.Temporary storage units.

Although there are specialty companies that offer storage facilities, a lot of shipping containers that are left sitting on the shipyard are being rented to store luxury goods or important stuff. People who rent storage containers for this purpose need not move them to another location. They can let it sit there until such time that they need the things in it.

No matter what reason you have for renting movable containers, the bottom line is you have used them for reasons other than its core purpose. It should be up to you if you see them useful for any other things which you may benefit from in the long run.

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